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Join Taryn Brumfitt, Co-Founder of The Embrace Collective & Australian of the Year, on a life-changing journey to embrace  your unique beauty and boost your self-confidence.


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Ever felt insecure when looking in the mirror or scrolling through social media?

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of women struggle with their body image, leading to poor confidence and self-esteem

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The BodCon Confidence Series is Your Path From Insecurity to Self-Confidence.

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A Sneak Peek Inside The Confidence Series

Lesson 1

The Awakening: Unraveling the Body Image Dilemma and Start Your Way to Self-Esteem.

Gabrielle Richards

Brand Director and Licensed Confidence Coach

Lesson 2

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: Transform Your Dialogue with Yourself.

Taryn Brumfitt

Co-Founder of The Embrace Collective

Lesson 3

Taming Insecurities: Embrace Your Imperfections and Reclaim Your Power.

Marie Denee

Founder of The Curvy Fashionista

Lesson 4

Mastering Your Relationships: Feel Confident In All Interpersonal Relationships.

Dr. Morgan Anderson

Psychologist, Relationship Expert & Author

Lesson 5

Navigating Life’s Body Changes: Growing Confidence through Transitions.

Dr. Trevor Cates

Naturopathic Doctor & Author

Lesson 6

Sustaining the Transformation: Building Lasting Body Confidence.

Nicole Kalil

Author & Confidence Sherpa

life-changing stories: real people, real transformations

Sarah M.
"Before watching The Confidence Series, I struggled with self-doubt and body image issues. But after 30 days with this team, I can honestly say that I feel like a new person. I'm starting to feel more confident, positive, and resilient than ever before, and I’m sharing this with my loved ones. This program truly transformed my life.

Emily R,
"As a mother of two, I had lost sight of myself and my self-worth. 'Unlock Your Confidence' gave me the tools to regain control and embrace my unique beauty. I'm eternally grateful to The BodCon for helping me find my inner strength."

By the end of this journey you'll emerge with a newfound sense of self-worth, the skills to embrace your unique beauty, and resilience to tackle life's challenges with confidence.

Ready to fully love your body?

Gain confidence and build an unstoppable new you!

Join us on this transformative mindset reset to eradicate self-doubt & insecurity, so you can unlock your confidence and finally become unstoppable!


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